Gallery: Station Construction 

Although the main buildings previously used at King’s Park were transferred to Littledown, a new station platform and building were required.  The images below show the construction of the new station. 
1. Station building construction begins. 
2. Building base complete. 
3. Finishing touches to building. 
4. End-on view along platform. 
5. Roof felt being sealed. 
6. Paint applied north elevation. 
7. Station building complete. 
8. View of siding and running line through platform. 
9. Spur line to the steaming bays. 
10. Platform Construction. 
11. Platform ramp construction. 
12. Completed ramp and fencing. 
13. Completed ramp and path. 
14. Rear view of platform fencing. 
15. Front view of platform fencing. 
16. Spur line to steaming bays behind station.