Gallery: Lionsmeet 2019

Lionsmeet 2019 took place in August 2019 at our track at Littledown.  Lionsmeet is an informal annual gathering of those with an interest in ‘Lion’ in all its versions and gauges. The main purpose of the meet is to allow OLCO (Old Locomotive Committee) members and other interested parties to exhibit models of Lion and other pre-1850 locomotives.  The original ‘Lion’ locomotive was built for the Liverpool and Manchester railway in 1838, not that many years after Rocket. 
View across the steaming bays with a variety of Lion locomotives 
View across the steaming bays. In the foreground, a ‘Lion’ with a period-style train. 
5” gauge model of ‘Lion’ with a period-style train.
Model ‘Lion’ on a display board with parts for another loco.