Gallery: Littledown Battery Locos 
"Royal Engineer` is a British Rail
class 35 Hymek class loco. This was built some years ago by our current president. The name reflects his involvement in the forces and the number (not associated with the class) was his forces number D8479.  
`Ullyses` is a freelance loco reflecting a design of Electric locomotive known as a steeple cab. It is driven from a cab half way down the body rather than a cab at each end like most locos. Similar locos worked in industry in the North East of England. Although it has a pantograph which would have picked up power from an overhead cable, the model is powered by batteries. 
Modelled in its original British Railway green livery the full size D6533 was at Bournemouth for a good bit of its operating life. As 33115 the locomotive was a regular on Bournemouth Weymouth services. Its final years were spent as a test bed for the bogies used on Eurostar trains. 
Although “Sheddon Wheals” has the outline of a steam locomotive, it is actually a battery-electric.  It is a regular passenger-hauler at Littledown.  
20024 is a British Rail class 20 locomotive. Mainly used on coal trains in the Midlands, they got passenger outings to Skegness each year during the colliery holidays. 
“Littledown Castle” is not actually a battery-electric locomotive.  It does have electric motors, but the power is provided by a small petrol engine (designed for use in lawn-mowers) driving an alternator.   
 "Yeoman" is one of the latest locomotives to be found operating on the railway. Loosely based around the British Rail Class 03/04 shunting loco's found working years ago in many yards and sidings throughout the country.